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Heart & Fire International offerings literally present the world at your feet! Newmarket, Ascot, Epsom, Deauville, Longchamp, Chantilly, Baden-Baden, Hamberg... Whether you live in the UK, France, Germany, the US or anywhere else, you can take part in racing at historic courses around the world.

Here, you will find Tier One, Tier Two and Tier Three horses in one grouping. As each Tier Four horse becomes available, and/or advance partnerships for investing in juveniles or private purchases are organized, the entire Heart & Fire family of partners will be notified. Full details per horse being offered will be provided with your invitation to participate. New inquires are always welcome and partners from all over the world may join Heart & Fire Racing.

Please note: While the International licensing requirements (per partner) are similar to the US requirements, the fees are generally much higher. Also, Tier One International horses, like our US Tier One horses, will not incur monthly bills, while our US structure for all other Tiers will remain the same in regard to monthly billing.

Should any Tier Four International horse develop into a lucrative prospect to race in any country other than the one where it is main-based, each partner on said horse will be required to attend a group meeting, in person or remotely, where the business plan will be presented. All partners will vote on whether or not to proceed, as this will definitely incur the need for monthly billing to each partner, which will include the cost of the equine transportation including any flights necessary, training fees, veterinarian, race entry fees, etc.


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Heart & Fire Racing is unique - founded, owned and operated by a successful, educated, experienced, born and raised horsemen! We have the passion, share in the power and cherish the love of every horse! Our lifetime, hands-on experience and our connection to the heart, energy and the psyche of the horse places us light years ahead of our competition.
At Heart & Fire Racing, we provide the most successful, interactive, exciting, honest, credible and integral formula for success within the horse racing industry. To get the best out of a horse, one must first love and then truly understand the horse. Next, smart planning and great care of the horse is a must. Winning is the ultimate gift that a racehorse can bestow in return.

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