What sets Heart & Fire apart?

Heart & Fire is truly unique; we are owned and operated by successful, lifelong professional horsemen. Our intimate insider's knowledge places us leagues ahead our competitors. We also do not just put you in the winner's circle; we welcome you into our stables and our home as a true partner. Unlike other partnerships that occasionally invite you to the barn and to race of the horse that you have directly invested in, we want you to enjoy being an important and substantial part of our Team! Special events, year round activities, ownership and horsemanship training seminars, constant interaction, and regular updates combine with instant communication, our public video channel, private-access-only video updates, our monthly newsletter, daily Social Media posts and so much more! We invite all of our, partners, "Ambassadors" and their guests to attend all of our races, gatherings and events. You'll be part of a family that cares - not just on race day, but every day. No one is left out and no one is left behind!

From reaping the benefits of our lifelong experience, to crowning every interested partner as an official "Heart & Fire Ambassador," we are what the Sport of Kings was always meant to be.

What is a "Heart & Fire Ambassador" and how do I become one?

A "Heart & Fire Ambassador" is an interactive member of our partnership Team. An exclusive welcome kit and year end Awards are just some of the fabulous benefits of being a "Heart & Fire Ambassador."
We invite and encourage all of our partners to be an active "Heart & Fire Ambassador" by posting to and regularly sharing our Social Media, inviting friends, family and co-workers to share in our outings, events and social media, volunteering for any of our gatherings, volunteering as a Special Guest Speaker and thus helping to share all things Heart & Fire Racing. Throughout the year, we accept all submissions of ideas for events, blogs, subject matter to be covered on our video channel, and everything that you think is relevant. You have a voice and we want you to be heard.

We invite all of our "Ambassadors" and their guests to attend all of our races, gatherings and events. You'll be part of a family that cares - not just on race day, but every day. No one is left out and no one is left behind! "Heart & Fire Ambassadors" also enjoy added exclusive perks throughout the year!

Heart & Fire is different due to our depth of professional experience, understanding and care of horses. As an active "Heart & Fire Ambassador," you will help others take part in sharing something truly special.

Can a group purchase one share?

Yes, but one person from the group must purchase the share as the "managing partner" for said share. Heart & Fire's bookkeeping, billing and reports will be sent directly to the designated purchaser of the share. In the event that the share purchased is in a Tier that involves monthly billing, the designated managing partner of your group will receive the bill and is solely responsible for submitting payment in full.

The management and sharing of the aforementioned pertinent information for this group is also the sole responsibility of the designated managing partner. All members of the group can become "Heart & Fire Ambassadors,"" can sign up on all of our Social Media, receive our newsletter, and enjoy all of our standard ownership privileges.

Can I purchase more than one share in each horse?

Yes! Shares are offered on a first come-first served basis without prejudice and as an investing partner, you may purchase as many shares as you like.

Can I invest into more than one Tier?

Yes, definitely. Each Tier provides a distinct level of exposure to the sport in the US and Internationally. Diversification represents the best way to get involved in the Sport: Multiple investments will always increase your chance of success. The more horses that you own increases your opportunities to regularly make it into the Winner's Circle.
We encourage all those with the passion and the means, to invest in as many Tiers as they are interested in, for a truly worldwide experience!

Can I become a Heart & Fire Official Sponsor?

Yes. Corporate and private parties are welcome to become Official Sponsors of Heart & Fire Racing. For complete information, please email opportunites@heartandfireracing.com or call 732-492-4040.

What are the advantages of investing in an unraced younger horse vs. a horse that is already racing?

Investing and partnering in young, unraced horses is a different type of "building experience." Think of it as the difference between raising a human child from the age of two vs. raising a child from the age of 12. While older, experienced horses have many incredible opportunities for stardom and continued success, there are certain classic races, here in the US and abroad, that are age restricted to 3 year olds, such as the Kentucky Derby and the Epsom Derby. The allure and mystique created by these races are heady, addictive and for many, are the sources of lifelong dreams; empires have been raised in the quest for a coveted Crown jewel, entire nations focus on these events. The classic jewel races for 3 year olds have been deemed the greatest 2 minutes in Sports.

Does it matter if I purchase a filly or a colt?

Classically worldwide, the most prestigious races are written for colts, but your choice is a personal preference. Auction and private purchase prices vary each year dependent upon each horses breeding, confirmation and the connections that bred and raised the horse, plus current dollar value, and current market trends. Fillies and mares are easier to sell after their racing career due to the value for breeding. Only the top performing colts have real value after their racing career unless they are a true "blue blood," whereas some of these extremely well bred colts will go to stand stud regardless of their racing record.

When do you offer new partnership shares?

Our partnerships in Tier 2 for two-year-old purchases are available in March, post the first of the two-year-old auctions. New partnerships are formed throughout the year as new horses of all ages are acquired. All horses in all Tiers are available on a first come-first served basis so early investment is key. Please contact us at any time for advance information on upcoming partnership opportunities.

If I want my own horse, how do I go about that?

Heart & Fire is always here for all of your investment needs. You can purchase all of the available shares in any of the new partnership offerings, or you/your group can contact us with specific wants and we will purchase the horse(s) that best fit your dreams and budget. Exclusive ownership of any Heart & Fire horse will come with additional perks other than our standard partner benefits. Please be aware that some Tiers involve your one time investment plus additional monthly fees.

Are there tax advantages I can take advantage of?

Yes. There are specific rules partners must follow in figuring their tax benefits so individuals considering participating in a partnership should seek counsel from your CPA or other such tax expert. The IRS classifies investors as either "active" or "passive" participants in the partnership. "Active" participants are eligible to claim their losses against ordinary income while "Passive" participants must wait until the venture is dissolved before claiming any losses.

What is the average price of a share?

Partnership shares typically range in price from $5,000 up to $40,000, depending on whichever Tier the horses are offered from.

What does the initial cost of the partnership shares include?

In Tier 1, your initial capital contribution covers your interest in the horse, all acquisition expenses, entity startup costs, equine mortality insurance, and training/maintenance costs. It does not cover surgery, veterinary surgical follow-up fees and lay off time. Lay off time is time spent off of the racetrack for recuperation, with or without relation to surgical procedures. For all other Tier options, your initial capital contribution covers your interest in the horse, all acquisition expenses, entity startup costs, equine mortality insurance, and training/maintenance costs until the time the horse(s) arrive at the racetrack. It does not cover expenses incurred in racing the horse. At such time, as described per horse in Tiers other than Tier 1, training, racing and veterinarians fees, shipping costs etc may or may not be billed out monthly. Specifics will always be plainly stated as each horse is offered for partnership outside of Tier 1.

Could I leave a partnership while it is still ongoing?

Any partner wishing to discontinue being part of their partnership must find his or her own buyer. West Point Thoroughbreds offers no aftermarket. Prospective Partners should be prepared to submit all of the necessary paperwork and fees to become part of the Heart & Fire family.

What happens at the end of a partnership?

If Heart & Fire dissolves a partnership due to a sale, then you would receive your share of sale proceeds after all expenses associated with the partnership have been paid. If we retire a horse after it's racing career and the horse does not have residual value as a breeding prospect, after all expenses are paid including any retirement fees paid to retirement farms or funds, any remaining money in the partnership's account will be distributed based on your share.

Do you have Referral Rewards for referring a friend or business associates?

Yes! We have one of the best, if not the best, Referral Rewards programs available for existing partners! At the time of investment, you will be supplied exact information for your Referral Rewards.

Can I come to the barn in the morning to watch my horse(s) train?

Definitely! All partners are welcome to come out to the barn in the morning to visit your horses, however PLEASE set up all visits in advance. A simple phone call is all that is necessary, with a minimal 48 hours advance notice to insure you arrive on time to see your horse(s) out on the racetrack.

How many Win Photos will I receive?

Each partner will receive one official Win photo per share without extra charge. Additional official Win photo's can be ordered directly from the racetrack. We will supply you with the contact information for each track upon each win. Please be sure to read your monthly newsletter, as we will also supply the contact information to you as we blog about each win.

Will I be notified when my horse is running?

Yes, we keep you informed as to future race plans and always notify you via email as to when your horse is entered. Most racetracks take entries 48 hours before a race is scheduled to run with some tracks taking entries 72 hours in advance. Entries are also posted on our website.

Do you purchase insurance for the horses?

We do carry mortality insurance for every horse.


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Heart & Fire Racing is unique - founded, owned and operated a by successful, educated, experienced, born and raised horsemen! We have the passion, share in the power and cherish the love of every horse! Our lifetime, hands-on experience and our connection to the heart, energy and the psyche of the horse places us light years ahead of our competition.
At Heart & Fire Racing, we provide the most successful, interactive, exciting, honest, credible and integral formula for success within the horse racing industry. To get the best out of a horse, one must first love and then truly understand the horse. Next, smart planning and great care of the horse is a must. Winning is the ultimate gift that a racehorse can bestow in return.

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