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Founder and President Kim Laudati is a true horseman from birth. Raised on a small farm in Central NJ, she literally grew up in the saddle. While thoroughly enjoying jumping, horse racing was in her blood. Earliest memories include rushing inside on early Saturday evenings to watch "Racing at Belmont" with the family, attending historic races like "The Marlboro Cup" at Belmont when Spectacular Bid won, and the endless dreams begat from watching living legends such as Seattle Slew, Ruffian, Affirmed, Alydar, Forego and more. Instead of playing with Barbie's, Kim loved her ponies, her extensive collection of Breyer toy horses, and preferred family day trips to Saratoga to watch "The Hopeful" over trips to the beach. The Black Stallion series of books is well worn and resides on a bookshelf in her Nassau County home, alongside "Deep Through the Heart," "King of the Wind - the Godolphin Arabian" and many more.

Horses recognize Kim's open heart and boundless passion. Horses respond to her. Horses run for her. Horses want to win for her.

At the tender age of 6, while visiting a local farm, the entire staff of 11 was in a tizzy over a black stallion that someone had turned out into a paddock and mistakenly removed his halter. It was late in the afternoon and no one could catch him, not even by tempting him with sweetfeed. While the barn manager was distracted, talking angrily with the staff, Kim spied the halter, with lead shank attached, on the ground next to a feed scoop filled with sweetfeed. Pouring out most of it, she stuffed the pockets of her shorts and slipped between the rails of the fence; halter and lead in one hand and feed scoop in the other. She crossed the paddock to the stallion, who stood rigidly at attention, snorting and looking a bit surprised at the upstart imp that approached him. Kim jovially called to the black to come and enjoy a treat. Stopping just out of the stallions reach, she placed the feed scoop on the ground and sat down next to it, talking softly to the stallion the entire time. Cocking an ear at her, he approached cautiously and after snorting in her face, gobbled up the bit of sweetfeed. Kim laughed and told him how she had more in her pockets but he'd have to be a good boy if he wanted more. She told him that enough was enough and he needed to come inside because it was getting late and everyone was mad at him. She told him she trusted him and she wouldn't hurt him, so he'd better not hurt her because she was already in trouble - didn't he hear everyone yelling at her? During the conversation, she stood slowly and succeeded in rubbing the stallion gently on his neck under the mane, where it is the softest, while feeding him some sweetfeed with the other. They were friends now. She slipped the halter around his head, adjusted it, and blithely walked the now complacent stallion back to the gate, where the entire staff stood in disbelief, jaws agape. With a big smile and not a word, she silently handed the lead to the barn manager once the gate was open, bid the stallion good night and gleefully ran to her mother's side in triumph…

Kim has spent 30+ successful years through hard work and dedication in the US Thoroughbred Racing Industry. Although she grew up in the saddle, her first job at the track was rightfully as a hotwalker for up and comer Gary Contessa at the A rated NJ racetrack, Monmouth Park. Over the course of the next 30+ years, Kim has succeeded at all aspects of the sport - Hotwalker, Groom, "Pony" rider, Foreman, Exercise Rider, Main Work Rider, Assistant, and Trainer. Kim also is the Host of wellness and beauty channel "Living the Difference" and "Heart & Fire Racing" on YouTube. She provides an active presence on social media, trains others in image and interview presentation, and loves to share her knowledge with all that want to learn. In horse racing, Kim also won as a jockey, and enjoyed many years as a guest speaker for the publicity and marketing department at Monmouth Park. Kim has been interviewed many times over the years by local and national print, cable, national and International TV networks.

Fearless through the purity of her love for horses, incredibly knowledgeable through 30 years of hard work with thoroughbred leaders such as Gary Contessa and D Wayne Lukas, Kim is truly an empathetic, passionate, experienced, winning horseman.


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