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Ilka Gansera Leveque is both a talented racehorse trainer and a vet in Newmarket, England - the home of British flat racing. "St Wendred's" is the brand new yard that Ilka owns and trains out of, named after a local saint associated with the healing of horses.

Ilka has a true understanding of horses, from the ground up. Beside her equine medical training, she has successfully ridden as an apprentice jockey and paid her dues as an assistant trainer in New York and the UK. She also worked under the tutelage of legendary horse whisperer Monty Roberts for a full year, and incorporates these "natural horsemanship" methods into her daily training techniques.

German born Ilka had a stellar start to her training career. In August 2012, she started from scratch with just two horses in her care in Newmarket, England. Her own horse "Tosca" travelled to Germany as her first runner and dead-heated in a valuable race on her two year old debut. Four days later her first UK runner, "Tiger Cub", also won on her debut.

Far from her homeland, she lives and works in the birthplace of British flat racing - Newmarket, England. "St Wendred's" has 32 oversized box stalls in the lovely barn, with direct access to the training splendour of Newmarket, its two world class racecourses and more than 50 miles of grass and all-weather gallops.


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